The best way to keep you happy and most importantly, healthy is to have a well-balanced diet. To show his patients that healthy weight loss is possible with the proper education and tools, Dr. Rozehzadeh, director of Complete Primary Care, took it upon himself, through personal research and professional conferences, to embark on this lifestyle change that most of us think is impossible. With his personal experience, Dr. Rozehzadeh is more than willing and ready to help each and every one of his patients who desire or need to start this life-changing process to achieve excellent health. With both our physician and our trained dietitian on your side, they will provide expert nutritional counseling and will work one on one to develop meal plans to personalize a medical weight loss plan that will work best for your specific lifestyle. We as a team can ensure that you have the best set up to obtain the lifestyle and livelihood that each of us desires.Our team features a certified nutritional consultant Regina Bakshiyev RD, CDN to help out patients by providing a personalized approach to their weight loss goals.

Whether it’s a better physique, or you want to change how you feel about yourself altogether, our team pays close mind to not only to your medical history but any questions on diet or exercise you may have through your weight loss journey. As a member of the Center for Medical Weight Loss, we are recognized on a National Level for assisting with medical weight loss.

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