At Complete Primary Care, we are experts in diagnostic medical care. Our office performs a plethora of tests to help diagnose and treat many different ailments. All of our nursing staff are phlebotomists, Spirometry and EKG technicians. We also have an ultrasound technician who comes to our office for your convenience.

We offer ankle-brachial and venous studies that are comprehensive care for diseases of the vascular system (blood vessels), including peripheral artery disease, diffuse and premature atherosclerosis, and a variety of vein conditions such as Varicose vein disease. Our office is equipped with most advanced machines for noninvasive arterial and venous imaging.

We diagnose and manage arterial, venous and lymphatic disorders, as well as the acute and long-term care of patients with venous reflux disorders. We also perform Spirometry testing to see how well your lungs are functioning due to illness, working conditions, and/or family histories. Our office has a Sleep Study machine that allows patients to test themselves for Sleep Apnea in the convenience of their home.

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